Tuesday, July 08, 2008

Gator production in full swing!

Here are some pics from the gator sweat shop. At the moment I'm the sole employee. My wife will step in at the end and help out with the hand sewing of the hole where I put in the stuffing. Otherwise these babies are made by yours truly. The last picture is how I think of ideas for Gator.

In other news, the Gator book has been shipped and should be arriving in a couple of days.

My friend Frank Rocco and I are mixing the sound for the Gator animatic version of the book.(Actually Frank is doing the mixing and I just sit and listen) Which I will be showing at comic con as well as here on this blog. So far it's turning out dandy!

My wife is also working on some Gator purses. She made one last year that everyone loved, so she decided to make a few more for this years comic con. I'll post some pics as soon as she has one finished.

Two weeks till comic con. It's a mad rush to the finish line.

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