Monday, July 28, 2008

Comic Con - Day 5

After getting up every morning at 6:00 and going to bed every night at 12:00 or later, I was pretty much spent on the last day of comic con. I think we pretty much sat there most of the day watching people walk by. Occasionally someone would stop and look at a book, laugh, say how much they loved it, and then put it down and walk away. It's always odd to me to watch someone enjoy something so much and yet they don't buy it. Who knows, maybe they didn't have any money left or maybe since they read the whole thing they don't have to buy it. It's a mystery!

Around 3 o'clock things picked up and we made our sales.

The last day was also filled with its share of unusual people. One person said that if I was going to mass produce anything it should be the Gnome I had on Display. I said that it was already being massed produced and could be purchased at Joanne's fabrics. Who knew that a $12 store bought gnome would attract so much attention. The Gnome probably got more peoples attention than the animatic we had playing.

We had one kid walk up and ask if the Plush Peg legs Kyle and Joe made were free. Kyle just told him that it was hand made and not free. Some kids are born without common sense I guess.

All in all, Comic Con 2008 was a great year. I met a lot of great people, got my books out there and had a great time. I'd like to say, "Thanks!" to everyone that stopped by and supported us. It is very much appreciated. I'm already looking forward to next year and have a new project in the works. More on that as it develops.


Kevin Barber said...

Really enjoy my copy of Gabby and the Gator. I look forward to your future projects.

James Burks said...

Hey thanks! That means a lot to me. I'm already working on a new project. More on that as it comes together. Thanks again.