Thursday, July 24, 2008

Comic Con - Preview Night

I got to Comic Con around 12:30. Where to my surprise I had to wait outside in a line just to get inside to wait in another line, just to pick up my exhibitor badge. I guess it shouldn't have been a surprise. This year all five days of the Con are sold out before it’s even started. They are expecting 125,000 people to attend this year. Crazy, I know.

After waiting in line, I finally got my badge and found my table at around 2:00. I then went down to unload my stuff from the car and begin setting up the table. The Table setup went fairly quickly and I finished at around 3:00. Then I sat around until a quarter to five when my table mates Joe and Kyle showed up.

At 5:30 they started letting people in. It wasn’t long before we had some strange people at our table. One person tried to steal one of Joe and Kyle’s books. Another wanted to know if the Gnome I brought for display was for sale. Another said that our table cover was fuzzy. To which I replied. ”You should feel my chest hair.” Okay I didn’t really say that last part.

At around 7:00 I made my first sale, a button. Woo hooo! After that I did a couple of free sketches for some kids, followed by a few more sales. Then someone else came by and asked how much the new book was. To which I replied. “It’s ten!” To which he said. “Oh man!” Then he asked if I would do a sketch for him if he gave me a piece of paper. To which I replied. “Sure!” He then reached into his bag and tore off a piece of card board. So I drew on a torn piece of card board and he went on his way, happy and content, without ever having to part with ten dollars. Life is good.

At 8:00 I met with my agent to discuss the Gabby and Gator Graphic Novel which is in the works. The meeting went well. She seems to understand what I’m going for and was very encouraging.

At 9:00 they closed the doors and we packed up our stuff. The first day of Comic Con was over. Yeah!

Tomorrow...Day Two!

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willipino said...

hey james,

good luck at the con!