Wednesday, August 22, 2007

San Diego Comic Con was a hit!

Sorry for the absence of any posts as of late. I've been busy unpacking, painting and trying to decorate my new house. Along with working and hanging out with the family.

Comic Con was a big success. I sold all the Gabby and Gator books and plushes. (If you'd like a copy of the GG book it's available at Thanks to all who stopped by and supported me. Most people were excited to see something new from me. Although there were a few Martin's Misdirection fans that left disappointed.

There were a few highlights worth mentioning.

The first being that I met someone from a literary agency and I'm working on turning the Gabby and Gator book into a graphic novel. I'll keep you posted as that progresses and things develop. I'm sure it will be a slow process with no guarantee of success. But I'm going to give it a shot and see what happens.

The second highlight was that I sold a Gabby sketch to Judd Apatow and his lovely wife. For those of you who don't know, Judd Apatow wrote 40 Year Old Virgin and Knocked up. He's also the producer of Super Bad. That was pretty much my only star encounter and the only time I geeked out on someone. I felt ashamed afterwards. I'll have to post some pics later.

In other news I registered Don't go there just yet though. There's nothing at the moment. I'm working on a Gabby and Gator blog which the new address will point to in the future. The GG blog might follow the process of creating the GG Graphic Novel.

Next month I'll be rolling onto the second season of Wow Wow Wubbzy. I'm looking forward to that.

That's about it for now. I'll try and post some new artwork soon.


willipino said...

congrats, man!

good luck with the graphic novel!

Ryan Kramer said...

You shoulda pitched Judd Apatow "Gator Knocks up 40 year old virgin Gabby!" He'd be way into it! :)

dude, i never got a copy of your book...any left?

Andy said...

Hey James,

Andy from

glad to see something new from ya. I'll be ordering the book from lulu in a week or two.

I quit putting my paper out in december so thats why you havent been getting a copy. the site is updated daily now if you want to check it out.

James Burks said...

Ryan - I don't have any books left. But like Andy mentioned you can order them from LuLu. I probably order some more at some point.

Andy- That's too bad about the paper. Why did you stop? I'll check out the site when I get a chance.

Andy said...

I quit my paper in Dec when my Dad got lung cancer for the third time. I wanted to be where I could take care of him without the pressure of the paper schedule. The first time was six months after i started the paper(i printed it for 4 years) and the 2nd time was feb of 2006. A week after Mom was diagnosed with bladder cancer. (Her second time too.) both did real well each time. I got a night job at a hotel that allowed me to get them to appointments and treatments during the day and i could draw at work. but it seemed worse this past Dec so i moved it to the web to make it easier on me and i could use my laptop anywhere. We lost Dad Feb 12. It took me six months to even feel like doing the strips again. I just started the updates 2 weeks ago. the plus side is I have 1200 or so strips stockpiled from the paper to use as I draw more. plus Mom was diagnosed with bladder cancer again the day after the funeral. so i've been taking her to treatments once a week 2 hrs away. but she's doing real good with it and the treatments will be over in october. hope i didnt bum you out too much. The cool thing is in the Quick Appliance strip, I used my Dad for the Dad of Jasper and Corky. He's in the middle strip till next week and then he will be in the bottom strip. He will be making apperances later on too.